Li’l Booger Buddies Inventors Discover the Joy of Givemas

It's Givemas time and Oogie Booger builds toys for the youngsters to spread holiday cheer

The planet of Boogie Woogie is a pretty green planet and home to the Li’l Booger Buddies who are clever little aliens that make inventions using junk that they find in outer space. For a short period during the year, the planet gets cold and the Li'l Boogers are stuck inside their homes while they wait for the warm season to start again. To spread cheer during the cold, a Li'l Booger named Oogie makes toys and gifts out of the space junk and delivers them to the youngsters on the planet on a day that has become known as "Givemas." Kids will love reading this fun story while learning about fun toys that they can make with scraps around the house.

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Genre: Children's Fiction
Publisher: Independently published
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 1790142439
ISBN: 1790142431
List Price: $9.99
eBook Price: $3.99
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