Halloween is the best holiday for being creative. Here are some cool ideas for decor that cost almost $0 but are fun to make with the kids:
-Stuff an old spooky costume and mask with paper to make a scary figure (you can also insert sticks in the legs/torso and plant them in old shoes to help it stand up)
-Make a dungeon door by taking big pieces of styrofoam, placed them a distance apart and insert/taped sticks in between (i.e. bamboo shoots). Spray paint and add spider webs for extra creepiness.
-Make creepy eyeball garland my drawing and cutting out eyeballs from paper plates and taping them to red string
-Take an old frame and use the black side of the frame backing to make a new picture (i.e. glow in the dark spider web made with white string and glow in the dark glue)