Straightforward guide on how to write, illustrate and format files for publication, written by Heather Konet, founder of and author of the STEM themed children's book series Li'l Booger Buddies Inventors. Heather who is a Mechanical Engineer by trade, shares lessons learned over years of learning the book self-publishing process and has compiled those lessons into a clear, straightforward guide for those interested in self-publishing their own stories. Readers will learn the steps of publishing printed and eBook versions through the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Other self-publishing guides are wordy and confusing. This guide provides concise instructions with clear computer screen shots to guide you through exactly what you need to do.

Fulfill your dream of writing your own book and seeing it for sale on Amazon reaching potential readers around the world!  It's time to finally turn that children's picture book, teaching guide, graphic novel, comic book, art book, cook book, instructional manual, etc into something real that can be appreciated by others and that will generate revenue for yourself.

Kindle eBook and Print Versions available at Amazon

$9.99 Kindle version - lend to friends/family for free
$17.99 for print version w/ discount of $0.99 on Kindle