Ever dream of writing and publishing your own book or co-writing a book with your kid or grandchild? Or is there a kid in your life who has a story that they would like to publish? Today, new self-publishing computer based tools are helping many people make this dream a reality. I started self-publishing paperback and Kindle books in 2017 using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Everything that I learned is in my book "How to Write, Illustrate, Publish & Sell Your Own Book on Amazon!" Following the guidance in my book, you won't need a lot of money or expensive computer programs - all you'll need is a laptop or PC, Microsoft Office and an internet connection. I'm an Engineer, so I don't like wordiness - my book is super concise and written in plain language that even an adolescent can follow.

‘"How to Write, Illustrate, Publish & Sell Your Own Book On Amazon!’ will prove to be of value to any and all aspiring self-published writers with respect to using Amazon.com…unreservedly recommended for personal, elementary school, and community library 'how to' instructional self-publishing and book marketing reference collections" - Midwest Book Review, July 2019 (Volume 29).

"How to Write, Illustrate, Publish and Sell Your Own Book on Amazon!" - paper and Kindle versions